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The greatest stories usually come from the humblest of beginnings, and the story of Aaron Brown’s Garage Shop was no exception. Aaron planned a way to finally take control of his destiny, a plan that included building vehicles that were more than just a compilation of parts, they were vehicles with a soul. Through this desire, his first creation, Project 39, was born. In only six months, he hand-built a street legal truck that would go over 215 mph and go on to set over 30 land speed records. Project 39 became the standard of excellence that The Garage Shop team would follow for years to come.

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“How you begin says a lot about your company. I made a promise to myself to go out and build that car with my own two hands, and I went out and did it. It feels good to say you are going to do something and then do it – that is how we have done every project since.” 


We design our cars to be the best in the business. Our goal is to honor each vehicle's unique history, while preparing it for a ground-breaking future.


After finishing Project 39, Aaron set his sights on creating a new breed of record-breaking vehicle. The mission was to rebuild a 50-year-old truck and drive it completely off-road across the entire continent. No interstate or gravel road. Just open country. They called the goal, “Expedition SEMA”, which lead them across the United States, through The Oregon Trail and down the Continental Divide. Aaron and his team showed that they not only have the physical strength to create innovative products, but that they have the mental fortitude to leave the comforts of modern society and achieve what few would ever have the courage to do.


“We went places that Google doesn’t have pictures of. We got to see the same views that our forefathers saw, the brave souls that pioneered wagon trails into the unknown. By experiencing similar trials and tribulations that they did, we were humbled with the reality of how lucky we are today.”



Once the team took a break from their bold, off-roading adventures, they went back to their garage and refocused their efforts on designing beasts of speed. Creating the Cup Car was a good opportunity to take a current NASCAR stock car and race it on a big stage. Aaron and his men didn’t know the impact the Cup Car would have when they started, and certainly didn’t expect it to set over 25 records. They would later note the fabrication of this vehicle was the beginning of learning teamwork and what it took to make their next projects - the Ford Talladega and the Dodge Daytona - a huge success.


“We don’t just create cars with speed, we create cars with stories. They are relatable; they have a soul.”



Aaron found he turning point for The Garage Shop came with the support of his trusted friend, Vance Kershner. As an internationally-successful business owner and founder of Labware Inc., Vance is known to have good instincts – and Vance believed in Aaron’s vision of being a trailblazer in the racing world. The partnership between Aaron and Vance lead to the birth of the Talladega, a car that not only went 225 right off the trailer, but went on to spark a national interest in The Garage Shop's work and grow the company in dynamic ways. 

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“Having the trust of someone like Vance Kershner validates the fact of how far The Garage Shop has come.”


As The Garage Shop began to grow quickly, They were given a challenge like no other in recreating the iconic Bobby Isaac Dodge Daytona and take it back to the historical Bonneville Salt Flats. Aaron went from working hours alone in an empty garage, to recreating history with a team of passionate mechanic and engineering experts working along with him. He realized by surrounding himself with people who understood and appreciated his vision, he was able to deliver something bigger than ever imagined. As the group became bigger than expected. He created not only a team...but a family.


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“When you try to intertwine old school looks with new school technology, everything has to flow. You are given an engineering challenge that comes with 2 million problems, and you have to have the mental state of mind able to see the big picture, while understanding the intimate details of how to bring it all together.”


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