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Aaron Brown, The Garage Shop Denver NC


Hometown: Fairfield, Pennsylvania


Aaron Brown is a trailblazer in many ways. He has earned multiple land speed records and dominated as a race car builder for almost 30 years, but his goal isn’t to be honored in the world of is to honor the art of racing itself. 


The Garage Shop was created in 2011 to take his passion for speed and turn it into a successful race car fabrication business. As someone who desired to be his own boss, Aaron used decades of experience working in NASCAR to fuel a creative model for restoring and recreating iconic race cars to reach record-breaking speeds.


What Aaron didn’t expect when he created The Garage Shop was he would be creating something else – a tight-knit family of talented and passionate people who helped make his vision a reality. Aaron is always quick to spread the praise and credits surrounding himself with good people as his secret to success.


“By giving these guys a home, I was given more than I could have ever imagined."

He went from building cars alone to looking out over a bustling garage with a team creating special cars making his dream of honoring the history of racing a reality. 


Aaron finds his inspiration to keep driving forward from his namesake, Albert Barone – a hero who drove into Berlin during WWII and the grandfather that Aaron looked up to in many ways. He has motivated Aaron to do the bold drives that mentally and physically push the limits. 


While Aaron has already achieved many land-speed and off-roading feats, his greatest one is yet to come. His biggest goal with The Garage Shop is to lead an off-roading campaign that goes around the world – literally. He wants to repeat the drive seen in the “Long Way Round”  from London to New York, a journey that will take him across Europe, Asia and North America. As always, Aaron certainly knows how to take on the impossible – even if it means circumnavigating the world,

The Garage Shop, Project 39 Car

4252 Burnwood Trail
Denver, North Carolina 28037

Communications Director: Tim Packman
T: 704-507-1838

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