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Tony Brown

Aaron didn’t have to go far to find a talented finance and business manager for the shop – all he had to do was recruit his son, Tony. As a man who lived abroad in several European countries before the age of 18, Tony received an education in international relations way before starting business school. His expertise has helped The Garage Shop successfully work with international clients and drivers, while also giving him the ability to achieve his dream of growing the company with his father. 

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Life dream: Travel to Antarctica (and hug a penguin!)

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Mike "Gunny" Goodman

Mike doesn’t just bring an advanced mechanical knowledge of creating record-breaking engines, he shows the team how to live a life of true dedication and service. After serving as an Operations Chief in the United States Marine Core for 20 years, he learned to efficiently and skillfully achieve any task he was given. He also has the ability to see the world through a different lens because of his time living in Japan, Korea, Thailand, the Philippines and Cambodia. He has since worked with VET Motor Sports and John Hodgkin’s to create cars that truly make a difference, and he continues the mission of making an impact and making history with The Garage Shop. 

Hometown: Cecilia, KY

Life Dream: Travel to South Africa and Australia

Spencer Brown

When building a shop that fabricates high-end race cars, it certainly helps to have a son who majored in Electromechanical Engineering. Garage Shop founder, Aaron Brown, brought on his son, Spencer, to help create the cars that lead the team's initiatives. Spencer proved his expert mechanical abilities early on when he won first place in a national university competition by building a high-tech exoskeleton prosthetic leg. This same ingenuity was used on the Rouch Racing No. 6 Cup car, which resulted in more racing win records than he could have ever imagined. 

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Life Dream: Go to Space

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Max Sigle

Max began his career working on street cars but a draw to speed quickly accelerated his journey toward the race track. His expert work on suspension and brakes led to a very successful decade in NASCAR which included celebrating with NASCAR legends Dale Jarrett and Carl Edwards in Victory Lane. His ambition at The Garage Shop is to continue creating champion-level cars with this incredible team, while fixing up his own ’63 Chevrolet Nova for the drag strip.

Hometown: Kansas City, MO

Life Dream: Take off for a month and stay at an all-inclusive Mexican resort

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Tim Clements

When you have spent almost fifty years working on transportation machines, it’s safe to say that you’ve reached a level of expertise most could only dream of. Tim’s mechanical and bodywork talents are a secret weapon for The Garage Shop, and they are magnified by his pure love for the job. In his free time, he also works on Harley Davidson Motorcycles, travels around the country in an RV, and uses his pilot license to view the world from above. He honors his late wife, Wendy, by participating in the Rose Parade and continuing her love of floristry.

Hometown: Greenfield, WI

Life Dream: Visit Hawaii and go BASE jumping

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Tim Packman

Tim grew up in a racing family with a father and stepfather who drove, and an uncle who served as a starter in the Western New York racing scene. Tim’s first paycheck came from cooking in the concession stand at Lancaster National Speedway. Years later, he turned his love of writing and broadcasting into a career as a track announcer and program writer. Moving to NC in 2000, Tim wrote for, Dale Earnhardt, Inc., MRN Radio and Richard Childress Racing. In addition to being an award-winning writer and author, he was also a Track President for four years. Being part of The Garage Shop is an honor for Tim as his love and appreciation of the sport’s history comes back to life.

Hometown: Akron, NY

Life Dream: Own a TV Batmobile

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Brian Cram

When your whole family is passionate about working in the auto body world, it’s easy to become it yourself. That’s what happened to Brian as he watched his father, uncles, older brother and friends build, fix and race cars. He became immersed in projects himself, such as building the body of a Monte Carlo SS, racing at Devil’s Bowl, and eventually winning Daytona 500's with Dale Earnhardt Inc. and then working at Hendrick Motorsports for over ten years. Because of this experience, he is now able to work in all areas of fabrication from auto body to mechanics. Brian sees The Garage Shop team as a well-oiled machine and believes their success is because they are more than just coworkers, they are a family.

Hometown: Belchertown, MA

Life Dream: Use his farm to begin a food hub that supports regenerative agriculture

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Bryson Cram

The Garage Shop doesn’t just feel like a family, several of them are family. Throughout his childhood, Bryson’s father, Brian, helped to guide him into the family business of racing. Barely out of high school, Bryson has learned to excel in every area of fabrication just like his dad. One of his favorite auto body memories is painting the Talladega car with his father, an ability he has quickly mastered in his short time at The Garage Shop. Beyond painting, his talents also extend to videography and photography – so he not only makes the cars physically shine, he creates content that helps them shine to the world.

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Life Dream: Spend several months photographing and traveling through Hawaii

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Chris "Spudz" Batton

As the guy who always puts a smile on everyone’s face, usually through his slapstick humor and model poses, Chris helps to bring the fun into every part of race car fabrication. He began his love of cars by racing at the dirt track every Saturday night in his home town and eventually grew the passion by working as a NASCAR tech and an auto body worker at Stock Car Steel. He now helps to build cars (and morale) with The Garage Shop while prepping for his ultimate dream of becoming a land speed racer and driving at Bonneville. 

Hometown: White Oak, NC

Life Dream: Visit historical World War II sites around the world


Kevin Mooney

Kevin brings more than two decades of film and production experience from renowned companies such as FOX, NBC, CBS and NASCAR. With a camera and a smile, he captures the spirit of the Garage Shop and shows the world how this team is taking on racing in an innovative and bold way. He is a one-stop-shop who is knowledgeable in every step of film production, and he has a unique knowledge of the racing industry through filming and producing reality shows focused on showcasing the sport. 

Hometown: The Poconos, PA

Life Dream: Film a documentary on the incredible power of music

Steve Hoag

As a young man, Steve had no idea that his hobby of racing Go-carts would turn into a 36-year racing career. His three years of learning electronics in the US Air Force gave him the skill set needed to dive into wiring cars for NASCAR only a few years later. He went on to be the manager of a large show car company which put rare vintage cars on display around the United States. His favorite moments include wiring the 1967 Can-Am car, working on the TK Racing Legends car and showing a civil air patrol car with Oshkosh. Now, he is taking his decades of experience and using them to fuel innovative wiring solutions in creating exceptional race cars.                                                                                                                                           

Hometown: Binghamton, NY

Life Dream: Continue creating incredible cars with The Garage Shop

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Drew Patey

As a man based near Daytona, Florida, Drew not only enjoys a beachside lifestyle, he enjoys a life centered around his true passion: racing. For over 30 years, he has coordinated successful motorsports programs in NASCAR and managed the environmental program for Safety-Kleen, helping him to develop strong relationships at all 65 major race tracks in North America and with more than 250 race teams including NASCAR, Indy Car, Sports Car racing, Supercross and the NHRA. He currently assists The Garage Shop with the coordination of partnership programs to race land speed race cars at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Hometown: Smithfield, RI

Life Dream: Smile and find something to be grateful for every day

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The Garage Shop Crew at Bonneville Salt Flats
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