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The Garage Shop now official American distributor for Cape Advanced Vehicles and its Ford GT40

DENVER, NC (December 20, 2022) – In a joint venture, Cape Advanced Vehicles (CAV), the South African builder of replica Ford GT40 cars, will utilize The Garage Shop as an official American distributorship.

When a USA-based car is requested, CAV will begin building the sleek and incredible customized GT40 from the frame to body to interior, all to order. When finished, CAV will ship it stateside to The Garage Shop. From there, the car will be assembled and tuned up for delivery or pick-up.

CAV offers three styles of Ford GT40 automobiles. They are; Classic GT40 Replica, Modernized GT40 Replica and the unique Replica GT40 Gulf Oil Edition.

“We were glad to make the connection with The Garage Shop to be part of what do here,” said Jordi ____ of CAV. “The second-most GT40s we create are for owners in the United States. This will allow us to reach more customers more efficiently.

“With all they do with NASCAR, Land Speed Racing and unique cars, we feel this is the perfect partnership to help get our GT40s to customers more efficiently.”

The Garage Shop will take its first CAV GT40 delivery on December 28 to assemble and service for customer pick up.

“This is a great honor to be associated with CAV,” said Aaron Brown, The Garage Shop owner. “These cars are constructed with such detail and unique interiors with something for everyone. We appreciate them having us be part of the process for American customers.

“We work on all kinds of cars at The Garage Shop, so one more unique aspect like this is great. We look forward to taking delivery of more cars in the future. They really do a great job constructing these cars.”

For more information about CAV, frequently asked questions, how they build the cars and how to order one, log on to and follow the menu. For more information about The Garage Shop, click on

About Cape Advanced Vehicles

Cape Advanced Vehicles was founded in 1999 to produce Ford GT40 replicas in South Africa. Our company name honors Ford Advanced Vehicles which was founded in 1963 – the manufacturers of the original GT40 racing cars.

From our one-of-a-kind Stainless Steel monocoque chassis to our bespoke leather interior, we are proud to produce some of the best GT40 replicas in the world. Our cars are the most comfortable, user-friendly and unique GT40 replicas – constantly evolving to reach maximum potential.


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